Official Photographer – Mrs Africa Beauty Pageant 2018/9

What an amazing experience to be the Official Photographer at the 2018/9 Mrs Africa Beauty Pageant.

I met awesome people – the contestants were amazing and it was a pleasurable time to work with the organizers and sponsors of this prestigious event. I am looking forward to working with them in the near future.

To all the ladies that competed – well done and congratulations with your titles. All of the best for the year ahead and I will be following you on Facebook.

Page update – Aerial and Aviation photography workshop

For those that have not yet seen the update, I have updated my web page and added my exciting course FP205, Aerial and Aviation photography workshop. 

Also in this course, I have added links to 2 other features. 

The first is assistance if you want to build your own flight simulator.

The second item is an article about a state-of-the-art Bell 206 helicopter flight simulator.

This is 3 great items for the adrenaline junkies that view my pages!!