Family Portraits

The Ultimate Expression of Love

Nothing says “I Love You” quite like a professional portrait of you and your loved ones hanging on the living room wall. In a way, a good portrait is like a shrine to our dearest relations – it strengthens the devotion we feel for our family. Whenever you look at the portrait, pleasant memories always come flooding back.

The subjects in your portrait need not be models. A good portrait captures an aspect of character and your love. After all, it’s character and love that draws us to each other. They’re the glues that hold relationships together. Character and love remain, and in fact continue to grow, long after physical beauty has faded – and it’s that quality that gives portraiture it’s an unequalled emotional appeal.

Why not capture that special event like university graduation, progress of a pregnancy, … or that “just because I love you” moment?

Take a look at the portfolio, or contact me to see a more comprehensive portfolio.

Because this moment is unique, and who knows when the opportunity will come around again.

Just look at the image below to see how beautiful my images are presenting when properly enlarged and hang on a wall.

Portraiture Price List

All portrait packages can be customized to accommodate your individual needs. Kondor Photographic can do the portraiture shoot at either our photographic studio or you can choose the convenience of having the photoshoot at your own home or place of work.

Photo Sizes

Jumbo: 10cm x 15cm (4″ x 6″)

Mini-A5: 13cm x 18cm (5″ x 7″)

A5: 15cm x 20cm (6″ x 8″)

A4: 20cm x 25cm (8″ x 10″)

STANDARD – Rates Option 1

  • R950-00 per sitting (this includes the first 1 to 10 Jumbo photos for that sitting).
  • Thereafter R40-00 for each extra (Jumbo) image ordered.
  • You get one FREE A4 (8″x10″) enlargement of your choice per sitting.

STANDARD – Rates Option 2

  • R950-00 per sitting – for the first hour (this includes Multiple High-res Digital Images shot during the session, max 50 images).
  • Thereafter R550-00 for each hour or part thereof.
  • Only basic digital editing is done. Advanced editing will be extra at R350.00/hour or part thereof

CUSTOM Package

Besides the standard package above, together we can customize a package to suit your specific needs and budget. You just need to contact me to set up an appointment. Pricing is dependant on your specific requirements.


High-resolution images on CD: R50-00 per image.

Digital Editing: Pricing on request.

Extra Enlargements: Pricing on request.


* Negatives and/or digital images remain the property of Kondor Photographic.

* Traveling fees are excluded from these prices and will be charged as a separate item.

** In all circumstances a model release form must be signed by the model (and his/her parent/legal guardian in the case of minors).  Also, this is a cash-up-front business, therefore no photos will be taken unless the relevant fees have been paid.