Wedding Photography

Every bride deserves to have her special wedding day captured permanently. Every time you open your wedding album, those treasured memories and feelings of joy come flooding back to you.

Every time you look through your wedding album together with your closest companion, it re-affirms the deep love you feel for each other.

That is why it’s so important to get your wedding photos done right! Your wedding day isn’t a practice run. You and the photographer have only ONE CHANCE to record this most special event.

Take a look at the sample pictures in the p[oprtfolio page, or contact me to see a more comprehensive portfolio and request my latest price list.

In all the packages, the following is covered:

– Venue 1: At the house and dressing.
– Venue 2: The service and vows.
– Venue 3: Garden and formal group photographs.
– Venue 4: The reception.

Please contact me for a pricing structure – each wedding is unique and therefore quoted individually.

I also have other services that I can offer. These include Wedding Albums, PhotoBooth, Videographer, Make-up artist, …

Wedding Photography Packages

  • 300 Jumbo photographs.
  • Three 5″x7″ enlargements of your choice.
  • Three 8″x10″ enlargements of your choice.
  • Optional special effects.



100 Digital*

0 @ Jumbo

0 @ 5″x7″

0 @ 8″x12″

3 hours**


0 Digital*

100 @ Jumbo

2 @ 5″x7″

2 @ 8″x12″

4 hours**


0 Digital*

300 @ Jumbo

3 @ 5″x7″

3 @ 8″x12″

8 hours**

Digital* = Digital images on DVD
Hours** = Max Time Coverage at Reception

Kondor Photographic Wedding Photography Price List

We will send you the link to download our wedding photography price list.

This price list is merely a guideline and you are welcome to contact us for a custom-designed package that will suit your requirements/budget.  We may even offer prices that are less than shown on this download, so please feel free to contact us.

We hate SPAM just as much as you - therefore we will NOT share your email address/personal information with anybody.  It is purely for us to communicate our services/prices with you and inform you of anything happening at Kondor Photographic.


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