Happy students



Just a few words to say thank you for what the photography course meant to me. I started searching for a course on the internet, but all the courses were only in English. Fortunately, I found Kondor Photographic which offers courses in Afrikaans as well as English. I could do the course in my home language, which made it much easier for me.

I did the course because I had a good camera but did not understand it. I could not take a good photograph. With this course, I learned what a good photographer needs to know. I enjoyed the course, everything is clear and easy to understand. I decided to open a studio because I know a lot more about how to take a beautiful photograph. I am able to apply the knowledge that I have learned with the course without difficulty. (For example, how to set my camera, compose beautiful photographs in perspective, where to focus and many more.) I also have little children at home and was able to do the course over the mail, which made it much easier for me.

I will recommend the course to anyone interested in photography because all your questions are answered. Today, I can proudly say that I know shutter speed, apertures, light, depth of field, everything that makes a great picture. There’s so much to learn, after that it’s just exercise and then your own sense of taking pictures.

Thanks to the course I did at Kondor Photographic I’m also today, the photographer at my children’s school and my studio is a big success.

Thank you,

Jacolien Pohl
(Message translated from Afrikaans)