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I enjoy still-life photography very much and even got a trophy in the camera club for the best still-life photo (colour slide) of the year.  I am very passionate about my photography and it gives my great pleasure when people are excited when they collect their photographs.  Starting from the analogue era, I have had the privilege to photograph many weddings, some resulting in traveling quite far to do so.  My portfolio of corporate work include many clients.  These clients are Santam Bank, Absa, ATKV, Omnia, Laerskool Horison, SP3-group and AHP Volution, to name a few.

Based on my years of experience as a freelance photographer, specializing in but not restricted to portraiture and event photography, I have used my knowledge and experience to build my courses and workshops.  


Kondor Photographic started off with just one course in photography (analogue, or as we used to call it, film photography).  With the huge demand for more specific training, I have developed many other courses and workshops.  Today Kondor Photographic is proud to offer a large variety of courses (more than 15), ranging from easy beginner levels up to intermediate level.  The courses are affordable, easy-to-understand and enriching; the Digital Photography course (course code FP102) is available as a distance learning course, or, as some would know it - a correspondence course.


Recently I have set up several joint ventures with a variety of other companies to offer even more courses and workshops to you.  These ventures are tailored for enhancing you as a Entrepreneur, small business owner or artist.  Many of these skills can be of great help in your current line-of-work and include life skill workshops.  Quite a few new courses and workshops are in the pipeline and will be added soon.  Please subscribe to my mailing list above to be kept up to date of any new courses and happenings.

If you want a specific course that is not yet featured in my catalogue, feel free to send me an email and suggest it at markus@kondor.co.za.

Even before going to school I have been intrigued by creating images with light, or painting with light. From a young age I made it a goal to become a photographer. On my 21st birthday I got a Yashica camera. Although I started as a hobby photographer, I quickly got invitations to be the official photographer at my work. After a while, I had built up experience in quite a variety of photography genres. Then I entered the formal and challenging world of wedding photography. It's so rewarding to see the beaming faces of the married couples when they collect their wedding albums filled with images and memories of one of the happiest days in their lives.

Looking for digital photography courses in the West Rand, then you have come to the right place.

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This is how my students benefited from my courses.

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